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Kevlar Power Jeans
͡ẺçѺҹͧҧࡧչ ͡ѡɳûͧѹ  ि® 㹾鹷 ͻͧѹ"鹶" 㹡ҧࡧչѧҾ ªͧ Ѻ CE лͧѹҵðҹûdz ҹ͡ҧࡧչҹ§ٴ "ѧա͡ẺҧѨ㹡ûͧѺ㹡óշա
ʴͧ촻ͧѹ кdzҹ
ͼ ѧҡèͧԴغѵ˵ѧաҴͧҧ¨ҡúҴ
Kevlar® ͺкdzҨҡúҴ纷˹ѧ
ͧлͧѹҵðҹû EN162H, öáŧ㹡͡Ẻ繾㹾鹷 (ʹ͡) 㹡ûͧ"Double Protection"˹͡
ʹ觫ֳ͡ҵԴͽ¢·. 086 077 6868
Kevlar Power Jeans
Fashion meets functionality, in these unique jeans with added Kevlar® protection pads in the knee and waist areas, to protect against "road rash". The jeans also include special inside pockets for adding CE approved hard armor in the knee area.
On the outside these jeans just look great"- but on the inside they are ingeniously designed to protect riders in the event of falls and skidding.
Kevlar® added all around waist and knee areas, against skin injuries
Hard armor, with EN162H European standard, can be inserted into specially designed pockets in knee areas (optional) to create the "Double Protection" effect
Stiff Knee Sheild is inserted
The layerd fabric after an accident simulation, still not torn, protects the body from injuries
US size  30  32  34  36  38  40  42  44  46  48 
EURO    40  42  44  46  48  50  52  54  56  58 
If you are between two sizes, for example: sometimes a 36US and other times 38US, please choose the bigger size, since the waist Kevlar implants take up a little space inside the pants.

Please note:
Pants bigger then size 46 US are subject to extra  5 $ charge.


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