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ҧࡧͧ Kevlar Cool Max  

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Cargo Cool Pants
繡͡ẺҧҭҴѺҧࡧͧ, Ѻ Kevlar ® 㹺dz м Cool Max ® դسѵԾ㹾鹷ҹѧ, úҡȷʹ ͡ҡѧ֧ ʹ CE ͹dz 㹺dzҨաáᷡ
ҹ͡Ҩд͹ҧࡧͧ ءѺ ʹءʶҹСó ѴͤЪѺdzҨ颹Ҵʹ
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 ® िdzͺкdz ͧѹúҴ纷˹ѧ
 Cool Max ® кҡ dz˹պѺ˧͡·ջԷҾ
 ͹ ҵðҹû EN162H, öʹŧ㹡 ͡Ẻ繾㹾鹷 () 㹡ԷҾ "Double ProtectionListen
Cargo Cool Pants
Ride in fashion, with these cleverly designed cargo pants, reinforced with Kevlar® in the knee and waist areas. Cool Max® fabric is incorporated in the area behind the knee, for excellent sweat evaporation. Pants also include special inside pockets for adding CE approved hard armor to the knee area.
They might look like regular cargo pants from the outside, but they offer confidence and protection when riding, and have special straps to tighten the hard knee armors to a perfect fit.
Women cut available as well.
Kevlar® added all around waist and knee areas, against skin injuries
Cool Max® breathable fabric behind the knees, for effective sweat evaporation
Hard armor, with EN162H European standard, can be inserted into specially designed pockets in knee areas (optional) to create the "Double Protection" effect
Cool Pants
US size  30  32  34  36  38  40  42  44 
EURO     40  42  44  46  48  50  52  54  

Available in Grey or Black
Size Tip:  Please choose one or even two sizes bigger than your regular size, since the waist Kevlar implants take up a little space inside the pants, and also, the pants cut is quite tight. 
you are welcome to consult with us  :)


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