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ि UCK Summer  

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UCK Summer Jacket
UCK Summer աкҡȷʹ ¢ͧ˧Ҿҡ͹ ͡ҡѧҾѺͿ "Double Protection"-- ि»ͧѹ´ ®, Ŵ͹Դҧҹҹ͡´лС йͤǺѺ͹ CE  Ѻҵðҹ͡ѹáᷡ () кdz͡ǡѺѧǹ
ᶺ 3M з͹ʧʴ͡ѡɳ㹡͡Ẻͧҡҧ׹
ᵡҧҧ UCK Summer UCK Sport :
UCK Summer 2 ҧ Ƕ֧⾡
UCK Sport դǷ鹡 ա 4
Сͺ :
Kevlar ® 㹺dz鹷Т͡, ͧѹúҴ纵ͼ˹ѧ
Cool Max ® кҡҧ
3M ᶺз͹ʧͧ繷駡ҧѹСҧ׹
 3 zippers кҡ

*˵ 蹹͹ ö ͹ӡ촴ҹ㹷ʹ

The ultimate summer riding jacket. Constructed from Cool Max®, the UCK offers excellent breathability and evaporation of sweat in hot weather. It also comes with our distinctive "Double Protection"  - Kevlar® protection against abrasion, cuts, heat created during abrasion and fire resistance, and CE approved hard armor against impact (optional) in shoulders and elbows area as well as upper back.
Bright 3M reflectors are incorporated in the design for added visibility at night.
Differences between UCK and UCK Sport:
UCK has 2 pockets and reaches past the hips.
UCK Sport is a bit shorter, with 4 pockets and hip constrictors.


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