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ि Cool Mash  

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Cool Mash Jacket
ि Cool Mash
ѺҾҡ͹ԵҡҵҢ ⴴ蹴 "Double Protection" ͧ -- ि»ͧѹ´ ®, Ŵ͹Դҧҹҹ͡´лС ͹ CE Ѻҵðҹ͡ѹáᷡ dz dz͡кdzѧǹ 
ҵҢ Cool Mash öкҡʹҾҡ͹
ᶺ 3M з͹ʧʴ͡ѡɳ㹡͡Ẻͧҡҧ׹
Сͺ :
͹dzТ͡ EN162H ҵðҹû
ि ҹ鹷Т͡, ͧѹúҴ纵ͼ˹ѧ
"Double Protection"ջԷҾ
3M з͹ʧͧ͡繷駡ҧѹСҧ׹
8 zippers кҡ
Cool Mash Jacket
A newly fitted summer jacket constructed from airy mesh, and offering our distinctive "Double Protection" effect - Kevlar® protection against abrasion, cuts, heat created during abrasion and fire resistance, and CE approved hard armor against impact in shoulders and elbows area as well as upper back.
 The Cool Mesh offers excellent breathability in hot weather.
Bright 3M reflectors are incorporated in the design for added visibility at night.
Shoulder and elbow hard armor, with EN162H European standard
Kevlar® sewn all through shoulder and elbow areas, against skin injuries, offers our "Double Protection" effect
3M light reflector panels, visible night and day
8 ventilation zippers


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