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Power Cool jacket
絷öʹ駻, ҧҡ Cordura ⴴ蹴 "Double Protection"-- »ͧѹ´ ®, Ŵ͹Դҧҹҹ͡´лС ͹ CE Ѻҵðҹ͡ѹáᷡ 㹺dzТ͡ѧիѺѺҡ – dzµͷö͡ѹ˹ öѹ ѹիԻͻѺ¹ Ͷʹ͡سԴԹѺ㹪ǧ˹͹ʹѺҤ硫 իѺ -- кҡкèѴä -- 8 zippers кҡ
ᶺ 3M з͹ʧʴ͡ѡɳ㹡͡Ẻͧҡҧ׹

͹dzТ͡Ѻ EN162H ҵðҹû
ûͧҡҴ Kevlar ® 纨ҡdz֧ᢹ, ͧѹúҴ纺dz˹ѧ "Double Protection"
 㹻Сͺ Cool Max ® кҡ
3M з͹ʧͧ͡繷աҷ駡ҧѹСҧ׹
8 zippers кҡ

Power Cool Jacket
An outstanding all year jacket, constructed from Cordura fabric and offering our distinctive "Double Protection" - Kevlar® protection against abrasion, cuts, heat created during abrasion and fire resistance, and CE approved hard armor against impact in shoulders and elbows area as well as upper back.
Jacket includes a removable sealed-seam winter lining, which is totally waterproof and can be used as a stand-alone jacket with main zipper. Once the lining is removed, you can enjoy a great summer jacket with Cool Max®
lining - the first breathable fabric with moisture management system - and 8 ventilation zippers.
Bright 3M reflectors are incorporated in the design for added visibility at night and day.
Shoulder and elbow hard armors, with EN162H European standard.
Extensive use of Kevlar® sewn from shoulder area to end of sleeve, against skin injuries, offers "Double Protection" effect
Cool Max® breathable fabric as inner lining
3M light reflector panels, visible night and day
8 ventilation zippers


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